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Ramzan Time Table Mumbai India 2008

Here is the Ramzan Time Table for Mumbai India 2008

In the name of Allah the most Benificient, the most Merciful

Ramadan Time Table (Mumbai) for 1429 AH/2008

DateDayRamadan DateSehriIftari
2nd SepTue14-58am6-57pm
3rd SepWed24-58am6-56pm
4th SepThurs34-59am6-55pm
5th SepFri44-59am6-55pm
6th SepSat54-59am6-54pm
7th SepSun65-00am6-53pm
8th SepMon75-00am6-53pm
9th SepTue85-00am6-52pm
10th SepWed95-01am6-51pm
11th SepThurs105-01am6-50pm
12th SepFri115-01am6-49pm
13th SepSat125-01am6-48pm
14th SepSun135-02am6-47pm
15th SepMon145-02am6-46pm
16th SepTue155-02am6-45pm
17th SepWed165-02am6-44pm
18th SepThurs175-03am6-44pm
19th SepFri185-03am6-43pm
20th SepSat195-03am6-42pm
21st SepSun205-03am6-41pm
22nd SepMon215-04am6-40pm
23rd SepTue225-04am6-39pm
24th SepWed235-04am6-38pm
25th SepThurs245-04am6-37pm
26th SepFri255-05am6-36pm
27th SepSat265-05am6-35pm
28th SepSun275-05am6-34pm
29th SepMon285-05am6-33pm
30th SepTue295-06am6-33pm
31th SepWed305-06am6-32pm

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