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Complete Tafheem-ul-Quran in MP3

Tafheem-ul-Quran (Complete Tafseer) (6 MP3 CDs) By Syed Abu Ala Maududi

CD 1
CD 2
CD 3
CD 4
CD 5
CD 6

These 2 links can also let you download Tafheem-ul-Quran in MP3 format:

Thanks to Anonymous (From comments below)

Update: Language: URDU
Update: To Anonymous ( Brother, please give me some time... i will tell you language of the MP3 CDs. Shukriya

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  1. Brother you have done a wonderful work. May Allah reward you with success here and after.


  2. hi is this big download in english, i started to download load it any one would care to let me know, so i wont wast may time downloading it,

    allah bless

  3. I downloaded all 6 CD's. Perfect. Jazakallah, Now in my car I listen to the Quran and translation+ tafseer
    Abdul Rehman

  4. I downloaded the first cd, but am unable to play it as it is not in the mp3 format as stated. No convertor is supporting this format. Can anyone tell me how to play it on the cd.

  5. @ Anonymous

    Download Files are in ISO format. You need to write this into CD using any CD burning software like Nero.

    These files has MP3 as stated.

  6. I using Burnnn software is simplest on earth :P
    Thanks and good day for You. Till next time.

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  7. use poweriso or winrar to extract files to hard disk

  8. Salam u Alikum,

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  9. ASALKUM-allah ive reward for this grea work

  10. salman bin hassanMay 31, 2010 at 4:23 PM

    assalamualikum, may 'ALLAH' bless on you for this wonderfull job

  11. Dear Brothers,

    Please help me to Get The same in Malayalam Language.

    This is a Great Great Work
    You will be rewarded greatly by Allah, who give more and more to whom he wish with out any limits.

    May allah Bless Us.

    Kindly send me your replays to my Email:

  12. Allah send u blessing,,,,It's really good work Alhamduilah JazakAllah :)

  13. tafheemulquran is good work but i want more site about read learn tafseer of quran.
    read quran

  14. MashaaALLAH ALLAH pak apko is ka bht sawab dyn gyn.. aameen

  15. Assalamu Alaikum
    These 3 links can also let you download Tafheem-ul-Quran in MP3 format:


  16. Salam to all
    Does anyone know if this work has copyrights and if one wants to sell who should he contact to get the right to sell this work since we would like to put them on beautifully designed CDs andsell them but want to know if they have any copyrights...

  17. thanks for such work GOD must reword u..
    thanks alot

  18. I would like to know the whether tafseer is in english language, if yes, kindly send me the link.


  19. We are a startup company and service providers as telecom VAS services. We are looking to get a voice for audio holy Quran to bring it to the people in the month of Ramzaan. Kindly get us links for the same. Thank you.

  20. Dear Sirs Thank you Jazakallah but it will be very useful if this is provided in parts

  21. May Allah give you Reward for this Best Job .... u have done Sadiqa e jaria

  22. Dear Assalam u Alaikum
    volume 6 main sorah 83Al Mutafafeen or volume 4 main sorah 39 Al zumar or 45 sorah Al Jasea mojud nahen hay please upload karain ya mujhay link btayen contact e mail

  23. Alhamd o lillah I comleted one time. But should be listening again and again in our life. During the Recitation of Quran Translation and Tafseer very carefully listening change our life. Inshaa Allah.


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