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Al'Quran text with Urdu Translation (Parah & Surah wise)

View Al'Quran text with Urdu Translation (Parah & Surah wise):
Click here to view Quran online (or you get it from in Urdu Translation Link)
Download Al'Quran text with Urdu Translation (Parah & Surah wise):
Click here to Download Quran (around 38 MB)

AlQuranic Team


  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    Nice blog, the content in this blog is very useful to the people who are looking out for islamic knowledge.

  2. Its excellent. Jazak'Allahu Ahsanul Jaza. Please continue your noble work.


  3. ALLAH aap ko, mujhe aur tamaam Musalmano ko Hidayat de.........Aameen

  4. Quran is the only book in the world which can be memorized and can be learned by heart word to word. Becoming a Hafiz (the one who memorizes the Holy Quran word by word) is a great honor.

  5. quran ko samjh k parhna h maqsad hai or hafiz quran hna azaz k bt h

  6. The holy quran para and surah wise, 38mb, translation by fateh mohammad jullundhry has mistakes, you are requsted to kindly read quran correct mistakes and then upload, this type of document is liked very much, provided it is correct , the software difficulty is that it is zipped,one unzip easily, please correct its arabic text, examples surah nisaa, 6 - 10 ayat missing. surah no 6 ayat no 73 , please check thoroughly


Will you learn enough Arabic language to understand Quran?